Yoga for Mummies and Children


Gloria Francesca is a certified yoga instructor from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana since 2008, and a hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists and International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association since 2007. She has practised yoga for 8 years starting at the age of 21. Passionate about natural healing and maintaining the best mental and physical condition, she has travelled around South East Asia to learn from different teachers. Gloria aims to bring the benefits of yoga to all her students through a supportive and relax environment in her classes.

Time to renew your mind and body! Learn the ancient Indian art of healing, toning and rejuvenating the body.  I hope to help participants to uncover their strong flexible physical body, discipline the mind to focus, and programme yourself for success in life.

Highly recommended for those who wish to seek nourishment for the body, and the mind and to attain physical and mental benefits. Healthy physical body, inner peace and harmony can be achieved. Breathe to believe it! To help you continue on the journey to a whole new self, a recipe for healthy eating will be shared at the end of the course. Positive affirmations will be given during the class as daily self-affirmations are encouraged to rejuvenate the mind.

Yoga Classes Available


Pre-natal yoga sessions helps mummies-to-be to maintain a healthy weight, strength your body for the baby growth and ease body aches from the extra weight, calm your excited mind and gain flexibility. 


For mummies who want to lose their remaining pregnancy weight while regaining strength, prevents post natal blues and flexibility to handle their growing bundle of joy.

Safe for mummies after 6 weeks of natural birth and 4 months after caesarean.


Kids Yoga helps build creativity, concentration, and a calm mind for your little one.
Mummies are encouraged to join the session.

Flexible time and venue of your choice.


One-on-One Session: $80/hour
2 participants: $50/hour
Group of 3 participants & above.: $200 for 10 lessons

Email for enquiries and bookings.

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