About Us

A new life was introduced into our family on 22 September 2011, we named her Cassiel, a unique angel name. She is the greatest gift on earth and like all parents, we want to give our precious the best! But like most parents, we need to balance the “Best” against burning a hole in our pocket. While travelling overseas, we found more affordable clothing, sometimes at even better quality!

As we displayed the bags of treasures we uncovered from our holidays, our friends asked to buy from us and some regretted not having the opportunity nor time to travel. Rather than say “I am sorry to hear that”, we found our mission – “Let’s help to bring quality products for kids to their family and friends at reasonable prices and save them the hassle of travelling!”

So from our recent trips, we are starting the store with children’s clothing, some accessories and some clothes for Mummy. We also believe each child is unique so we do not bring in huge quantity but if you really love the design, drop us a liner and we will see what we can do.

Our vision is to blossom into a family store filled with unique treasures we found overseas.

Since we exist to serve you, tell us what you want from our next destination and we will do our best to uncover the treasure for you!

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