Enrichment Classes

By Mom…

As Cassiel reached 4 months old, I could not wait to send her to enrichment school! You know, since I believed that she did not have the advantage of breast milk, I feel that I needed to make it up to her in some way. Also being not very highly disciplined in doing all the pre-natal developmental enhancing work, I was hoping she could get the developmental she needs in her own way. Great time to bond too.

I searched for many classes and looked through large volume of feedbacks on forums. I thought the best way forward is to go for trial! I love trials, you get to see all the works yet you need not commit. My experience was that some classes can be taught on your own, depending on your own interest and expertise, of course. I am a certified yoga instructor and my husband and I do Aikido, as such I do not see a need to send her for gym classes. Actually at 4 to 9 months, she was just loving everything she experiencing so I could not tell if she likes it. Still, just for my own achievement sake, I put her through more classes. A wake up call came that during one of the classes when the teacher forced her to cross a tunnel, a really small one and she is now afraid of tunnels or enclosed spaces. So much for making up to her developmental needs. So I thought it would be safer to just go for classroom settings. Flashing cards cannot be too frightening, but she simply could not catch up in a flash. So I opted for slower paced class, it worked! She likes it, at least she was sitting in front of the teacher and not wailing and crawling for the door. 🙂 That was when she was 9 months old.
I think she liked it until she started walking. Now she totally shows no interest in what the teacher is saying. I tried to ask her to identify things she learned in class….hmm not much success. I have better results flashing cards to her myself in my own pace and method. In that class, only when the music comes on, she started responding and joins back the class. I noticed that and decided to trial for music lessons instead and WA-LA, music is the answer to her interest! She is highly cooperative, shows interest to interact with other kids and her speed of learning is much faster! Most importantly, she looks happier.
So moral of the story is the best enrichment for your precious is what intrigues him or her, maybe art, gym, music. You have got to observe and see the reactions, if you are just looking to expose him or her to different things, you are better off with trials.

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